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Kenya Kobayashi is Satoru's primary school classmate and best friend who has a strong sense of justice. He is an aspiring lawyer who has a keen eye, and noticed abnormalities due to Satoru acting much more mature than he was after "Revival". He offered a lot of help to Satoru in stopping the possible kidnapping attempts.

As an adult, Kenya became a lawyer.


Kenya is usually seen wearing a neutral expression on his face. He is quite sharp and smart for his age. He is a calm and level headed person and usually stops Satoru from doing reckless things.


He is first seen with Satoru's group of friends, reading a book. He was the first one to notice Satoru's interest in Hinazuki. He was also the one who stopped their friends from teasing him about it. Since he had a keen eye, he had already noticed Kayo's bruises and quickly noticed the difference in his friend's behavior and confronted him about it. After Satoru explains things to him, he offers to help him achieve his goal. He stopped Satoru when he tried to attack Kayo's mother and suggested the hideout for Kayo after he heard of Satoru's plans.

After Satoru wakes up, Kenya visits his old friend multiple times, and works with him to catch Yashiro.


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