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Sachiko Fujinuma is Satoru's mother and former news announcer. She possesses a sharp eye and is quick to observe any irregularities. She knows about the cold cases of serial kidnapping in her town but decided to keep quiet and ignore it for her child's growth and safety. However, after making eye contact with the criminal at his latest kidnapping attempt, she was killed by the kidnapper. This, in turn, triggered Satoru's "Revival" which sent him 18 years back in time. Originally, Satoru was supposed to prevent the serial killer from noticing Sachiko's presence in the parking lot, where the first Revival of the day occurred, to prevent her death.


When Satoru was a child, Sachiko got into a fight with the company president and quit the construction contract she had worked for years. He beat her up after she refused to marry him. When asked what happened, she lied and said that she had just tripped.

She was first seen in Satoru's house after he was released from the hospital. She asked him about his eating habits and then let to buy tableware.

Later, while watching TV, she asked her son if he remembered the incidents that took place when he was in 5th grade.

A few days later, she and Satoru were returning from the convenience store when Satoru experienced "Revival" again and asked her to look around for any irregularities in their surroundings. During this, she made eye contact with the serial killer and was killed before she could inform anyone. This triggered his 18 year revival.

During both of her son's time leaps, she helped him save Hinazuki from her mother's abuse, though she didn't know about the murders.

After Satoru fell into a coma, she kept him on life support even after the hospital recommended against it. In 1989, she moved into an apartment and started home care. She took care of him for the next 14 years until the time he woke up.


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